Today, the CMA has today launched a “market study” into the electric vehicle charging sector.

 The CMA’s press release, below, suggests their focus will be on (i) how to develop a competitive sector while also attracting private investment to help the sector grow and (ii) how to ensure people using electric vehicle charge points have confidence that they can get the best out of the service.

 There is no suggestion of any unlawful conduct in the sector - rather, it is a question of CMA wanting to understand whether the sector is working well for consumers. The market study will last up to 12 months (although the CMA says below that it intends to conclude well within this period). The outcomes could include recommendations to government or other relevant bodies or, possibly, the launch of a more detailed “market investigation” (which would be a more in-depth review at the end of which the CMA would have powers to impose remedies to address any concerns it had identified – interestingly (and unusually), the CMA does not mention in its press release the possibility of a market investigation, so I wonder whether it has in mind an outcome that is limited to making recommendations to others). 

The CMA will be contacting interested parties in the sector over the coming weeks and months, so be alert to the possibility of it contacting you for background information and asking for your views on certain issues. The market study does of course also present an opportunity to pro-actively engage with the CMA if there are particular issues that you feel it should be looking into.

If you would like any further information about this please do get in touch.