...the people that serve it! A lot of people told me its the type of coffee bean, how long its roasted etc etc.  However, if you are served one of these coffees by a disinterested barista without a smile and no personal touch is it still a great coffee?

My local Costa may not make the best coffee but the staff there and the barista, in particular, were so pleased to see me after the lockdown, they engaged in banter and were sincere in their discussion with me.  It made me feel great and more inclined to visit them again, which I have done over the past few weeks, even when I probably did not need a coffee!

People really do make a difference and in the current pandemic brands are desperate for customers, for sales.  Notwithstanding any marketing or promotions brands offer, their staff are at the forefront of the customer experience and genuine human interaction can add a personal touch leading to loyalty, increased sales and greater profits.

Of course, the Costa loyalty programme helps but that is really a secondary reason for my continued loyalty.  I do hope the personal touch continues when the pandemic is over and that brands do not return to the rather anonymous service that we were used to pre-pandemic.  Let's see!