This article is most definitely worth a read. It is important for all businesses (at whatever point in their lifecycle) to be aware of the continuing and increasing levels of activity and involvement from Silicon Valley into UK tech. This is not just from the conventional institutional investors - we are seeing increasing activity levels from the venture arms (and other divisions) of larger corporates looking to innovate and partner with companies here in the UK. 

I have spent considerable time out in the Bay Area over the last 8 or so years and continue to work closely with the investment and corporate community. There is no doubt that as well as London other parts of the UK, notably Cambridge and Oxford, are increasingly raising their profile and gaining interest out in the US. Best of class technologies and world class talent are hard to ignore - even 6,500 odd miles away. 

If you are considering expanding into the US, or are interested in hearing more about Silicon Valley investment in UK companies, and think you would benefit from a chat over a coffee or a facilitated introduction, please don't hesitate to get in touch.