If you fancied buying a 12-pack of Camden Hells Lager you may be surprised to find, once you and your friends had drunk the contents, that the packaging could be reused.

The empty 12-packs can be filled with unworn and unwanted garments and taken to the post office where the pre-paid packages will go straight to the charity TRAID. They will either re-sell them in their charity shops or recycle them as fabric.

Whilst a number of clothes retailers have recycling schemes where you get a voucher/money off purchases when you drop off your second hand garments like H&M, North Face and Levi's, I am unaware of a partnership like this which can increase sales in one sector for the benefit, albeit indirect, of another.

This is an indication of the current strength of public opinion, especially amongst the younger generation, towards climate change, sustainability and generally saving the planet.

This partnership is possibly one way of getting people interested in these issues who would not otherwise think of recycling. Cheers to that!